We provide Santa’s in all major cities across Canada.

Our goal is to cater all types of events such as Corporates, Breakfast with Santa events, Parade, daycare, school events, senior’s homes, TV commercials, malls and everyone else who wants to have a professional santa arrive at their event.

All of our Santa’s are proudly Canadians and have experience.

What we do?

Every year we recruit experienced Santas as the demand grows year by year. Some find us and others we find them. We are the only Canadian company that provides this Christmas service to our customers. We also have great connections and in most cases can connect with other suppliers if we have no one available.

What you can do for us?

If you spot a really good Santa and especially in a smaller suburb, then please help us spread the word and send him our way.


Our prices vary from City to City and depending on the Santa and their bookings.

Send us your request for pricing information.


Here is what our customers have to say:

We were so thrilled to have your Santa attend our event that we want to re-book him for the same date next year.

Our staff and their kids were so happy from Santa’s visit that we want to make sure Santa Hank is available for our 2016 Christmas Party. Santa Hank always arrives as scheduled and is excellent with the kids.

I must say your Santa Carl is a very genuine Santa at heart. His patience with the kids is truly admirable. We would like to have him again for our Third Annual Kids Christmas Party.

Your Santa Robert who at times spoke French with some of our kids was an amazing surprise.

Santa Enzo comes to our house year after year and on the 24th of December. He is truly part of our family and friends. He speaks knows all our family members and it’s a real pleasure to have him back every year.

Please reserve Santa Richard again for our upcoming event next year. I’ll be in touch with you next year again. He is one of the best Santa’s I have ever experienced at a kids party.